Till date, all of us are aware of two types of diabetes. But, doctors say there is one more type of diabetes that mostly goes undetected – Type 3C diabetes. It is the diabetes of Exocrine Pancreas that usually takes place after a pancreatic injury.

According to a recent study, doctors usually misdiagnose type 3C diabetes as type 2 and proceed with the treatment of type 2. Although, both types have different treatments. This may eventually affect diabetes patient and might sometimes lead to death due to wrong treatment.

On analysis, Diabetes care mentioned 1.5 percent of the diabetes cases are diagnosed as type 2 although they are type 3C. Gliclazide is the drug used for treating type 2 diabetes which is not operative for the third type of diabetes. Andrew McGovern, from the University of Surry, “Misdiagnosis can badly affect patient’s health. Giving a wrong treatment might increase the blood sugar levels.”

Type-1 diabetes is characterizing by the destruction of insulin-producing cells while in Type-2 on the other side, cells resist production of insulin. Type 3 diabetes happens when the patient is detected with the pancreatic disorder.

Type 1 diabetes occurs generally at a young age, type 2 when you become a teenager. Increased weight gain is the main cause of type 2 diabetes. Doctors themselves are not able to detect the actual cause of the disease and under which group diabetes should be categorized.

Douglas Twenefour, Deputy Head of Diabetes UK said, “Every diabetes patient should receive a correct verdict so that they get precise treatment and the disease can be cured in time.” McGovern concluded saying, “Correct diagnosis is necessary for gaining right treatment.”

Patients with type 3C diabetes necessitate both external insulin as well as additional enzymes to carry out proper digestion.

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