Many of us have the habit of daydreaming and sometimes many people point out saying that this is a bad habit. However, this new study claims that daydreaming actually has a lot of perks. Apart from keeping us happy and making our mind fresh, the researchers reveal that daydreaming is a sign of high intelligence and creativity. This study will bring a smile on faces of many daydreaming people.

Out mind is so unstable that we cannot concentrate on one thing for more than 30 minutes. Every moment million of thought is running inside the user’s mind. Hence the habit of daydreaming during the day, in office, meeting or at other place is actually good. The study which shows the link between daydreaming and higher intelligence and creativity has been published in the journal Neuropsychologia.

The study reveals that this habit is not bad at all. This research claims that daydreamers actually are quite smarter and have the high brain power. Due to higher brain efficiency, these people cannot concentrate on one thing and therefore they are wanderers Also they are supposed to be multi-tasking.

The study was proposed by Eric Schumacher, from Georgia Institute of Technology who have proved that such daydreamers are actually very smart and creative people. During the study, the researcher’s analyzed, the brain patterns of these people. The MRI scan was performed on them. The researchers then analyzed their brain activity when they were active and when they were resting.

During the study, the researchers found that the brain patterns seen during the MRI scans have shown the users cognitive skills at different stages. Also, frequent daydreaming is linked to higher intelligence and creativity.

However, the non-daydreamers do not worry as their cognitive ability and brain power can be boosted by consuming following foodstuffs. Certain citrus food items, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, eggs can improve the efficiency of your brain. Whole grains, nuts, seeds should be a part of our diet as it can enhance the efficiency of our brain.

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