Breast cancer, one of the deadliest disease among women has created a huge chaos in the world today. According to the recent study conducted, one genetic test can make you aware of the secondary breast tumors in those who do not transmit the key genetic marker.

The test known for treating the cancerous tissues is MAF test. It was developed by Inbiomotion, a Spanish medical company at Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB).

The test can help women suffering from cancer to respond to the consulted treatment more easily and prevent the cancerous cell dispersing across the bones. Metastasis is a secondary type of cancer usually malignant in nature and is a cause of numerous deaths in the UK. Around 50,000 women suffer from this deadly disease each year taking the lives of 11,500.

Once cancer reaches its last stage it becomes incurable. In 70 percent of cases, cancer reaches the bone surface leading to a tumor in the same region. Bisphosphonates, a group of drugs helps to strengthen the bones that can in turn help in further spreading of disease.

Robert Coleman, Professor at medical oncology says, “It’s quite difficult to recognize what category of people would get benefitted from this drug.” “The treatment seems to be effective in a couple of patients, especially in aged women while others don’t even respond to the treatment. Some of them may develop the negative signs of the treatment.”

Women having an absence of genetic marker were aided with this new treatment and raises the chances of enduring from cancer. This treatment can be used by most of the health care providers to treat their patients. They could also give an alternate treatment, if this proves to be allergic or not effective in some patients.

If this treatment proves to be effective, then it can be used to replace regular treatments that include a practice of zoledronic acid.

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