According to the recent research, scientists have developed a decode technology that can help in reading human brains. This technology makes use of artificial intelligence. Whenever a human brain watches a video or perceives an image, the device clicks the fMRI scan of an individual to read what’s going on in his mind.

One of the most usable deep learning algorithm, the ‘conventional neural networks’ usually finds its way in smartphone and computer technology for face recognition purpose. Researchers have used the same algorithm in the progression of brain scans.

This has happened for the first time where technology can be used to analyze and decode human brain while they are perceiving images and other natural scenarios. Professor Zhongming Liu said, “Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology has bloomed the world of computers and smartphones in past few years.”

The study involved three women who were analyzed for 11.5 hours and were made to perceive 972 video clips. Researchers captured Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging data of all the three women. The video clips involved images or moving videos of animals, people and any natural scenarios.

Researchers gradually decoded fMRI data with the help of conventional neural networks in two easy stages.
Firstly, the fMRI data was used to foresee brains activity while perceiving the videos
Later, the same model was used to decode the data and reconstruct similar videos in them who were never subjected to those videos before.

Haiguang Wen, one of the doctoral student said, “Neuroscience is all about analyzing which part of the brain is in control for which particular functionality. This study paper would definitely help to sense human brain and capture what human thinks during a particular situation.”

Additionally, they were able to perform encoding and decoding of two humans simultaneously. This might help in studying the brain utilities and signify humans having pictorial shortfalls.

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