The number of suicide cases across the world has reached skyrocketed numbers. There may be a variety of reasons behind the suicidal cases like stress, disputes, poverty, and others. Also, we cannot predict when an individual can commit suicide. But this new study has shed lights on the usefulness of brain scans which can predict the potential individuals who have suicidal thoughts running in their mind.

A new study can now effectively predict the individuals with suicidal thoughts with the help of brain scans. Such individuals show different brain activity compared to the normal individuals. Such distinct brain activities can be predicted with the help of brain scans.

These brain scans were fed with an algorithm which analyzed the negative suicidal thoughts with the help of keywords uttered by an individual. The frequently uttered keywords by the potential individuals with suicidal thoughts are death, hopeless and others.

By analyzing the frequency of such keywords the algorithm was able to predict the individuals who may commit suicide anytime. For the study, the researchers surveyed 34 young individuals and then analyzed their brain activity with the help of positive and negative thoughts which were running through their mind.

The algorithm was based on the machine learning concept and the negative keywords which can make an individual to commit suicide were given as input. Thus by analyzing the frequency of such negative keywords via brain scan, the researchers were able to determine the potential individuals with suicidal thoughts.

The accuracy of the algorithm was 90% and more study needs to be conducted in this field to appropriately determine the individuals who may commit suicide. With the help of brain scans, the neural representation, as well as the mental health of an individual, can be predicted. In coming years, the health professionals can effectively use brain scans to determine the potential individuals.

The study showing the link between brain scans, machine learning algorithm and suicidal thoughts can be seen in the journal Nature Behavior. In the United States alone the more than 41,000 individuals committed suicide and the number of suicidal cases is rising daily.

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